Heterotopia as an Ongoing Train


The idea of utopia is an imagined one, which was built up on an unachievable perfect qualities; the idea of heterotopia however is realized everywhere in the world, such as gardens, libraries, colonies, amusement parks, or even the face of a celebrity, a dismantled tent, an underground pass where high schoolers practices break dance, a moving tram, etc. At the same time, the emergence and functions of heterotopia embedded with genes of utopia. For instance, migrant workers often conjugate at the lobby of the Taipei Main Station on weekends. Some consider it repulsive, and it is exactly an utopian ideal which was based upon exclusion and purification. However, when migrant workers continue to create heterogeneous cultures in the city, they made here a heterotopia. Their laughter satirizes the utopian ideology, and an alternative utopia with more equality is invented by them at the same time.


In other words, the world is composited by many heterotopias that shows its absurdity and poeticality. The once a year Poetry Festival is an attempt to create a heterotopia in a poetic way. The theme of 2018 Taipei Poetry Festival is “Heterotopia of Poetry.” It is inviting poets and artists from different countries to demonstrate the power of poetry, which is capable of challenge something much greater. It distillates all the possibilities of the future from the ongoing past, like a fearless train, going forward, forward, reconstruct time and space because a heterotopia relies on imagination, and aspire to create.

2014鴻鴻簽名-英文 拷貝.jpg 2014佳嫻簽名-英文 拷貝.jpg           

September 2018