Take the Catalonian Way

|Saturday, Sep 22, 19:30 @ 173-31, Bopiliao Historic Block|

The independence of Catalonia has been a heated political issue; however, the culture of Catalonia has won over the world through architecture, art and music. Anna Aguilar-Amat has been supporting the independence movement. She devotes her career in writing poetry in her mother tongue. She is going to talk about the connections among language, poetry and identification. In the panel, Chen Cheng-Fan, who is very familiar with Spain, and considers it as her second homeland, is going to join Anna to talk about the valuable messages from this unique culture.

Chat with Che Guevara in a Beer Garden

│Sunday, Sep 23, 19:30 @ 2F Multifunctional Salon, SPOT-Taipei│

We might be familiar with Myanmar from the movies, but not with its literature. In Myanmar, poetry is very much in their daily life. Pandora is a poet from Myanmar who is a woman, a mother, and an organizer. With her multiple identity, she will present how Burmese literature depicts life, and how to talk to the world. Chen Yu-Hong, an outstanding poet and translator will join the panel along with Pandora. The host for this panel will be Shen Chia-Yueh who has been a great supporter for the South East Asian literature and published works from the region.

Memos for the Next Millennium of Peace and Prosperity

│Monday, Sep 24, 19:30 @ NTUE Art Gallery│

In the contemporary poetry circle, the publishing grip has loosen up, and there are more ways to be seen. Those poets who were born in 1980s and 1990s are taking the lead, and occupying eyeballs and lives of many readers. In the eyes of these young poets, where would be the next destination for poetry? How do they see themselves in the tradition, in the society, in the literature, and in the future? The era for peace and prosperity might be coming, and the poets are drawing down the memos for us. 

New Local Writing

│Friday, Sep 28, 19:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature│

In 2005, a group of enthusiasts in Yilan have been meeting regularly to discuss about literature; in 2007, they decided to let this local event to break out from private meetings, and to publish an independent semiannual poetry journal Waitzaiwai Poetry. The journal is up and running, and the group keeps adding new members. The poems in the journal are with great quality, although grounded in the local but not limited so, which made the journal very refreshing. It has formed a literature heterotopia for Yilan, or even Taiwan.

The World Is a Library, and I Am Singing Inside

│Sunday, Sep 30, 14:30 @ Thinkers' Theater│

Talking about Russian literature, most readers might only recall what happened in the last century. However, poet Lev Rubinstein indeed started his writing career in the last century, and still going strong today. His poems have an array of styles, and usually are linked with social issues. The talk will focus on how the contemporary Russian poetry circle incinerate or rebel to the tradition. Lin Wei-Yun, an important Polish literature promoter will join the panel hosted by Russian literature scholar Hsiung Tsung-Huei.

A Quiet Struggle

│Thursday, Oct 04, 19:30 @ Jiu Xiang Ju Books Gallery│

Poet Han Dong was the leader of an monumental literature movement. After that, he dominates the narrative territory with writing fiction and making movie. He represents the abundant creative energy in contemporary Chinese poetry. In the panel, joined by a post-modern style writer Yang Xiao-Bin, the ideas of how poetry and people are struggling for the same thing within literature and cinema. The host for the panel is Zhang Bao-Yun who is also known for her writing and literature studies.

The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber of Taiwan Poetry Circle

│Friday, Oct 05, 19:30 @ 3F Forum, Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store│

Yu Kwang-Chung (1928-2017) dominated the postwar literature scene of Taiwan. His influence in Hong Kong literary circle has been profound. Lo Fu (1928-2018) was the cause of literary surrealism in Taiwan, and hence the title of “Sorcerer Poet.” Under their pens, many poems became classics. The panel will feature poet Lo Kwai-Cheung of Hong Kong, and poets of Taiwan, Yang Ze and Tang Chuan to analyze two most important poets of our time with more diverse and objective perspectives.

Rural Hong Kong, Remembering Hong Kong

 │Saturday, Oct 06, 14:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature│

Hong Kong poet Lo Kwai-Cheung focuses on local arts and culture of Hong Kong, and their subjectivity. His writing is closely-related to Hong Kong. Liu Ka-Shiang wrote his book 3/4 of Hong Kong based on his field research in the rural side of Hong Kong. Their writings look different, but also complement each other on “how to see/write Hong Kong.” The host of the panel is Hong Kong poet Liu Wai-Tong who lives in Taiwan now.

Waitzaiwai Poetry Exhibition — The Poeticality of the Landscape

|Sep 22 – Oct 14, Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00, Friday – Saturday 10:00 – 21:00 @ Kishu An Forest of Literature|

“Waitzaiwai Poetry Club” is a poetry club born in Yilan. It has been creating a local voice since 2005. In Chinese, “Wai”(歪) means crooked. The club participants cleverly put “Wai” attitude in their work to deconstruct the ideas. They are excited to see what would happen. “The Poeticality of the Landscape” exhibition will bring out different looks of language, and to take readers to play with words.