Poetry Installations and Activities

The Crossed Paths of a Poetry Worm — a Virtual Reality Experience

|Sep 22 – Oct 17, Tuesday – Friday 13:00 – 20:30, Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 20:30 @ 173-27, Bopiliao Historic Block|

If words were living spirits, pages were shelters, what the world of poetry would be? “The Crossed Paths of a Poetry Worm” leads readers through the images of poems in the virtual reality world built upon poem.

Taipei Poetry Festival has been always trying to break literary boundaries, and to present the phenomenons of poetry in different media. The major achievement of contemporary imagery and communication, Virtual Reality (VR) is a new medium that has most potential to open future culture, education and entertainment. We are eager to match up VR and literature to entice a new generation of readers.

Note on Register: You may choose to register “online” or “on site.” Each experience session can only host three participants. Online registration is on the Festival website VR experience page. The registration is available each Monday for the coming Saturday and the next Friday sessions.

The experience is about fifteen minutes, and entirely in Chinese. You must be over ten years-old to register. If you have high blood pressure, or you are pregnant, please evaluate your health before participating.

*The Festival obtains the rights to adjust the experience content and the registration process.

Forum: Where does VR poetry take us?

|Saturday, Sep 22, 15:30 @ 173-31, Bopiliao Historic Block|

The Taipei Poetry Festival has been promoting works of visual poetry. This year, the imagination of literature and Virtual Reality will combine in the Festival to explore other possibilities in an alternative dimension of technology and literature. It could be a brand-new stage for the works of poets. Does technology limit the freedom of imagination, or a pivot of an alternative interpretation? What kind of feedback would the interaction between poetry and readers bring to the poems? The VR creation team for “The Crossed Paths of a Poetry Worm” will review it from different angles and develop a different outlook along with poet Liao Wei-Tang and digital artist Chang Geng-Hwa.

Poets in Reels — Poetry Film Festival

A selection of video works from the international poets this year will be presented as the background information for the Festival goers, and a taste of the extension of their poems. It also shows the Festival full spectrum support for literary influence and its extended possibilities.

Burma Storybook

│Sunday, Sep 23, 14:30 @ 2F Multifunctional Salon, SPOT-Taipei│

│Saturday, Oct 06, 18:30 @ Audio-visual Room, Bopiliao Historic Block│

Poetry is very popular in Myanmar considering its coming around from authoritarian governing and isolation. In the past, poetry was a way to bearing and to fight the oppression. Today, internet poets and bloggers are thriving abundantly. “Burma Storybook” documented a dissident poet Maung Aung Pwint who was expecting his son to come home from exile. He and his family represent rebellion and compassion. It is also an answer to the poet’s question: “How can our hearts be healed?” The film reveals the resistance and true lives in different generations of poets.


One Night on the Wharf

│Wednesday, Sep 26, 19:00 @ 3F, Arts and Activity Complex, Taipei National University of the Arts│

│Tuesday, Oct 02, 19:30 @ 1F Cinema, SPOT-Taipei│

As part of film director Jia Zhang-Ke’s “Wings Project” adapted from Han Dong’s novel created in 1998 under the same title. It is a humorous, absurd alternative realism film. It was nominated for Busan Film Festival New Currents Award. The film is about four young men for some reason stuck in a small portal town. Their life was boring, and they liked to hit on a girl who worked in the neighborhood shop. They ended up getting into ridiculous troubles with local gangsters and police forces.

So Much Rice

│Wednesday, Oct 03, 19:30 @ 2F Multifunctional Salon, SPOT-Taipei│

The first film by poet/filmmaker Li Hong-Qi, starring Han Dong, music by Zuoxiao Zuzhou. It received of The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) in Locarno Festival, Switzerland. During a game of hide and seek with his girlfriend, a teacher, Mr. Mao got lost from his own home. He arrived in a small town to look for a friend, Xiao He, who started another life in another family. Mao and Xiao He had a funny affair. At the end, Mao carried a mysterious bag of rice, and took on another unknown journey.

Note on Tickets:Tickets are required for Poetry Film Festival, free but reservations are required. One ticket per person can be reserved starting on Sep 03.

Tickets available @KKTIX-logo_green 拷貝.png

MUSE in a Mirror

│Saturday, Oct 06, 18:00 @ Poetry in Life and the surrounding│

│Oct 09 – Oct 17, 13:00 – 20:30, closed on Monday @ Bopiliao Historic Block│

This year, we have the pleasure having “Merlin’s Mustache Lab” to join us. The lab brings their AI poet MUSE along, and puts it in the installation art piece of “MUSE in a Mirror.” MUSE will capture images to make them into poems. During “Nuit Blanche,” MUSE will appear around Poetry in Life Bookstore to invite readers to meet life and meet poetry.