A Woodpecker Could Be Also a Wall-passer

    Haruki Murakamionce said, “Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg.” The 2019 Taipei Poetry Festival takes it further, and themes itself:“The Woodpecker on the Wall.”

    “The Wall” is a block, and a protection. Once overly-done, those who lived within might lose courage. The progression of the civilization often came from changes, and changes often came from doubts caused by uncertainties. The doubts were sharp and strong as the pecks of a woodpecker.

    The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago. The fall was an answer to the people. Few months ago, the “Same Sex Marriage Bill” passed in Taiwan after more than 30 years of LGBT equal right campaigning. The wall finally came down a little.

    In responding, Dan Osano, an openly gay Danka poet from Japan is the poet in residence 2019 to show us how to be a different voice. We are joined by German poet Wolf Biermann whose poems and songs could make you hurt and lift you up. We have poets from the United States, Lithuania, Hong Kong, and Singapore in the program. Many foreign poets are Taipei residents because they are attracted by the freedom and diversity of the city. They are part of the Festival this year too.

    Come to the 2019 Taipei Poetry Festival! Let’s be stubborn woodpeckers, and literature wall-passers together!