Poet in Residence


Dan Osano(Japan)

    Born in 1983 at Setagaya, Tokyo, Dan Osano earned his master’s degree in economics from Keio University. He came by Tanka (a style of Japanese short poems) in 1997. In 2017, he received the 60th Tanka Kenkyu New Poet Award with a series of poems titled “In a Muku Japan.” In the following year, Osano published a Tanka collection of Metallicthat expressed his thoughts on contemporary and gender issues in the rule of Tanka only using 31 characters in each poem. He also received the 12th Akiko Ikeda Nobody Award in 2019. In the same year, his collection Metallicearned him the 63rd Contemporary Poets Association Award. His fiction The Axle was also published in this year. Aside from his literary achievements, he is an openly gay, and the Chairman and CEO of Tsujiri Taiwan and Tsujiri Global.

Poet in Residence

    Dan Osano is a rising poet of Japan. He writes with a critical tone. Osano is concerned with gender equality, and participated the Taipei Gay Pride Parade before. Being familiar with Chinese, Osano likes Taiwan Culture. Having him as the Poet in Residence holds significance in the gender issues and the cultural exchange between Japan and Taiwan.

The Morning I Dreamed of the Revolution

│Saturday, Sep 21, 14:30 @ The Mayor’s Residence Art Salon│

    Taiwan and Japan are intertwined deeply in history, two regions are in close dialogue for the gender equality movement in the recent years. As a openly gay poet, Dan Osano understands the gender issues on both sides, and has been critical about “muku” culture of Japan in his works. The seminar features Sheng Hao-Wei who knows the literary scene in Japan well to join the talk. The moderator Ma Yi-Hang is well-aquintant with LGBT litertuare and culture.