Poetry Installations and activities

A Symposium of Love

│Friday, Sep 27, 19:30 @Topic Factory│

    The Symposiumby Plato discusses about the truth of love. Pablo Neruda wrote, “Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread.” Writer Luo Yeh releaseshis emotion with the lines, “Warming us slowly, the stove of yearn / comes with sugar and old ginger.” The food culture actually involves physical labor, body, and desire. It could easily be a reflection of the world. Food is poetry; and poetry is food. Please come join the love symposium of the poetry festival, and taste the flavors that poetry creates.

A Dialogue Between Images and Poetry 

│Friday, Oct 04, 19:30 @ 2FMultifunctional Salon, SPOT-Taipei│         

    Poet Ye Mimi’s video poetry has participated in many film festivals around the world. Her latest work Cease Susurratingis a combination of documentary, drama, and animation, an ambitious experiment. From surreal absurd theatre to minority people funeral, from fish farms to ruins, from woman to man, from telephone to turtle shell, from fortune telling to exorcism, from color to black-and-white, from Ma’nene to systemic constellations, from sorrow to tranquility… In it, The death is intertwined with the living. The seminar features Ye’s Dutch translator Silvia Marijnissen and film critic Chan Cheng-Te.

Cease Susurrating│Ye Mimi│2018│Taiwan│25min│


Double Flame Bonfire Gathering

│Saturday, Oct 05, 19:00 @ Yong-An Elementary School│

    For generations of Taiwanese, bonfire gathering means the burning spirit of the youth. In Double Flame, Octavio Paz points out that love is composited with love and lust, but it is also oppressed by dogma. The Double Flamebonfire gathering anchors on the passion of poetry and love. Under the light and flame, the wall in our hearts will melt, and the youth will repossess us.

*Due to the venue’s fire code, flashlights will be in use for the fire effect. Please BRING YOUR OWN FLASHLIGHT to the event.