Seminar 1: The Visions and Concerns of Contemporary Poetry

│Saturday, Sep 21, 19:30 @ The Mayor’s Residence Art Salon│

    Christopher Merrill is the director of the“International Writing Program, University of Iowa.”He is very aware of the world literature outside America. His journalistic works on Southeast Asia and Middle-East are highly regarded. Michelle Yeh, a Taiwan born scholar of poetry and translator who teaches in the US, specializes in poets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Scottish poet Colin Bramwell translated Taiwanese poet Yang Mu’s poems. They will share different perspectives to the contemporary Chinese language literature from their own expertise.

Seminar 2: The Poetics of Lies and Justice

│Sunday, Sep 22, 14:30 @ Bamboo Room,Taipei Artist Village│

    Christopher Merrill’s poems fixate on the lies and truth of politics, along with the survival reality of today. His writing has been inspired by Kafka, Italo Calvino, Zbigniew Herbert, Czeslaw Milosz, Charles Simic, and James Tate. Is poetry the most delicate lies or the most naked truth? Merrill will argue for us.

Seminar 3: Poetry and Reality of a Dangerous Time

│Tuesday, Sep 24, 19:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature│

    Hong Kong poet Huai Yuan has a rebellious and curious soul. While people of Hong Kong head for a Summer of freedom just now, Huai Yuan entrusts the power of accusation in  literature and art, and participates in it with his writing. The talk features Liu Wai-Tong, another Hong Kong poet who lives in Taiwan now to join Huai Yuan to chat about what reality we see through poetry.

Seminar 4: Lazy Bones on the Run Read Hong Kong

│Wednesday, Sep 25, 19:30 @ Jiu Xiang Ju Books Gallery│

    Hong Kong poet Huai Yuan and Taiwan poet Tang Juan are both known for their poetry and essay writing. One is willing to lift up his shirt, and to show his belly button. The other one would ask people to bend down to see some spit. They both enjoy eccentricity, and think outside of the box. One of Huai Yuan’s books is Lazy Bones on the Run.He is on the run to Taipei carrying a literary Hong Kong.

Seminar 5: When a Tiny Red Bird Lay a Blue Egg

│Sunday, Sep 29, 14:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature│

    Poet Aušra Kaziliūnaitėis very involved in politics and activism of Lithuania. How has Lithuania, a small country built its cultural subjectivity, and survived between big powers after departing from the Soviet Union? How could a poet use a minority language to define her artistic calling? Kaziliūnaitė expresses via poetry: freedom and its price. 

Seminar 6: The Secrete Lover of Novelists

│Wednesday, Oct 02, 19:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature│

Much loved Raymond Carver, Margaret Atwood, Ha Jin and many other writers are excellent in wiring fiction and poetry. It is common to see writers who writes fiction and essay, or poetry and essay; actually, writers who writes fiction and poetry might be more than you thought. The seminar will feature few novelists who are also intrigued by poetry, and even to write them.

Seminar 7: How Could We Hug With the Bulletproof Vests On

│Thursday, Oct 03, 19:30 @ Monsoon Books│

    The works of Singaporean / Malaysian poet Quek See-Ling are bold and refreshing, and challenges all taboos. Lin Wei-Yun of Taiwan and Lim Wooi-Tee of Malaysia also set new territories in the break-throughs of languages and subjects. This meet will explore how young poets voice out their generations from two different places, and how they bring changes to the literature history.

Seminar 8: The Labor Poems in Activism

│Sunday, Oct 06, 14:30 @2F Workshop,Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab│

    Workers don’t have the leisure to read poetry, but poets are often workers. Demonstrators don’t have time to write poetry, but poets are often demonstrators. Lok Mauof Hong Kong, and Kuo Che-Yu of Taiwan are both social poets who convey profound messages and self-reflections. They are the young poets who own the toughest voices of this generation.