Keynote Poet

Chang Fang­­-Tzu
Taichung, Taiwan, Chang has been writing poems since girlhood, as well as prose and short stories. As a fine arts major, she engages in pictorial space, visual arts, curating, poets’ communities, showing her concern for Taiwan and promoting female and Hakka culture and language. Her works include collections of poems Transgression, Red Vortex, Tien Gong Ngid (Tomorrow), Recording, There; a compilation of Hakka poems Mud; a Hakka music and poetry album Mong Tien Gung (Look into Heaven). Her works have been translated into many languages, and she works in music, theater, and visual performance at home and abroad.

【Keynote Poet Seminars】

My/Our Singing
Sunday, Sep 27, 14:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature
Chang writes, "Eyes wide open / Everything has been distinct ", in a Hakka poem to describe the excitement seeing the hometown station on journey. Identifying with language and locality, the poem is filled with "my" affection and "our" voices. Chang will talk with Han-indigenous poet Tung Shu-Ming, sharing their thoughts on individuals and community. Scholar Yang Tsung-Han is the moderator.

Undercurrents in Women’s Pools
Monday, Sep 28, 19:30 @ 3F Forum, Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store
Chang Fang-Tzu has been caring women’s fate in her writing, delving into women's mind and body, emphasizing "never doubt my strength," the female tenacity in love and lust. Another speaker Horng Shu-Ling is a poet and scholar of Taiwanese women's poetry. Their conversation can better interpret the undercurrents in women's pools. Young poet and scholar Lin Yu-Tso is the moderator.