Introduction──Eyes and Lights

The poets are the eyes of the time that receive the light of the time, and gaze into the dark shadow of the time. As a city taking pride in its culture, Taipei, through poetry, we desire to undergo a dialectical argument of light and shadow just as Charlie Chaplin’s film, City Lights.


What kind of poets can grasp “zeitgeist?” Come listen to the Poet in Residence this year, Taiwanese American poet Kelly Tsai, Nigerian Poet Efe Paul Azino in his visit to Taipei, Hong Kong poet Chung Kwok-keung, Japanese poet Hirata Toshiko, and Vietnam poet Dang Than. They bring the latest pulses from poetry scenes from Americas, Africa and Asia, and put together the international poetry landscape this year. At the same time, events like Lo Si-rong’s concert “The Mirror of the Heart – the Poetry Landscape Over the Barrier of Languages,” Alessandro Bosetti’s “The Sound Poetry Workshop and Performance: The Pool and the Soup,” “The Constitution Assembly of Poets,” the “Submissions: Poetry with Diversity,” and the “Equal Rights for Poetry and Art” reflect the core of cross-over realization that the Taipei Poetry Festival holds dearly.


All good art creators have the eyes for the time, and can see the bareness under glamor, and loneliness behind noise. The Taipei Poetry Festival hopes to exhibit the writings of the poets in a fashion representing the big picture, and to encourage everyone to act together.

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September 2017