Poet-singer Leonard Cohen once wrote, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in," which fully interprets the relationship between darkness/imperfection and light. Like a philosophical sentence, what seems to be inadequate and incomplete actually allows better and warmer possibilities. Or, as this year’s invited keynote poet Chang Fang-Tzu sought in her poem, "At Dawn / In The Moonlight / I Wrote Your Name / Feeling Life Is Reviving". Light can be ink, a stream, or the fetal movement waking up the world, spreading fresh sounds everywhere.

Following a variety of imagination of human and light, we set the theme of 2020 Taipei Poetry Festival as "Glow in the Dark". The light is imagination and confidence, radiating from our inside, seeking other light sources to shine together, as a declaration or comfort. We also hope to see "glowing" as the essence of poetry, as poems take shape when poets with heated feelings share this passion to the world. Various poetry performances, poetry installations and activities, and fascinating seminars are flickering eagerly, ready to cause a great fire with readers.