We have seen it in so many films about a castaway protagonist arriving at a desert island where they rebuild a small-scale civilization as a personal journey, or the world threatened by either natural or man-made disasters eventually survives when humans depend on their memories, will, and wisdom to restore a new order. A crisis as it may seem, but can we make it an opportunity?

The pandemic has closed the borders between nations and stopped the traffic between cities, like a temporary shutdown of the world. As a response to the on going and continuously changing situation, the 2021 Taipei Poetry Festival ─ Reboot of the Soul emphasizes the crises as opportunities not only in the practical aspects of policy-making, the use of technology in public health, and the adjustment and improvement of
our lifestyle as well as the operation of a society, but also involves the rearrangement concerning the hearts ─ how our souls keep the warmth of life in a world where traveling and gathering are prohibited and face-to-face encounters are only possible on/via screen.

The soulware rebooted, allowing the imagination to evolve. Let poetry reboot our spirits.