The four poetry seminars give us boundless imagination in the era of mobility restrictions. The topics range from faraway Russia, a great power in the realm of poetry, to experiments in concrete poetry originating in the Continent, followed by the shifting and sparkling poetic landscape of gender, as well as the poetic wonderland among islands. Through writing and reading, the poets dwell upon a route that goes against the world.


Imprudent Should Poems Be: Poets Who Resist Dictatorship

|Wednesday, Sep 28, 19:30 @ Eirakuza Books|

As the Russian-Ukrainian war rages on, literature has become a channel for people to care about Ukraine. Not only have Ukrainian poets voiced their resistance around the world, but we are also reminded of the Russian heritage of resistance writing. The poems of Anna Akhmatova, who had been oppressed by the Soviet regime, were recently translated by Hsiung Tsung-Huei. With her new translation, Hsiung is invited to talk with Liao Weitang, who is concerned about how to make a stand with poetry.


Shaping the World: Concrete Poetry

|Friday, Sep 30, 19:30 @ Taipei Info Hub|

Concrete poetry (poésie concrète) focus on words' visual effects as symbols and ingenious typsetting effects. These poems may take on expressions even with punctuation marks and blank spaces, fulfilling the potential of printing and typesetting while making writing and reading a multi-faceted arts participation.
We invite Liang Ching-Feng, who is familiar with Taiwanese and German poetry, and Yang Xiaobin, who enjoys experimenting literature with his knowledge of Chinese and Western poetry, to talk about the specific landscape of concrete poetry.


When Gender Chimes with Poetry

|Tuesday, Oct 4, 19:00 @ Fembooks bookstore|

Yau Ching from Hong Kong has long been dedicated to creating and researching poetry and films. She is also a pioneer in gender issues. Ma Yi-Hang is keen to present the lyrical intertwining of ethnic groups, gender and places in his poems and prose. Their conversation is a fresh combination of Taiwan and Hong Kong, which will stir up light and electricity, waves and flowers.


Islands In and Out

|Wednesday, Oct 5, 19:30 @ Chapter|

The vibe of poetry doesn't just spread across the city and the island. It may also extend to or be reflected from other islands. Lines of poetry guide us to have an island-hopping trip together. We invite Tsai Wan-Shuen from Penghu, Chan Chi Tak from Hong Kong and island travel veteran Hsu Pei-Fen to talk about what is in and out of the islands, sharing the beauty and courage in settlement, diaspora, travel, and writing.