“Poetry in Dif fusion,” the theme of the 2022 Taipei Poetry Festival, borrows the term often describing the spread of disease but reverse its implication. Like the dandelions in the wind, the courage and beauty found in poetry is also diffused throughout the city. The keynote poet this year is Bukun‧Ismahasan‧Islituan, an iconic Bunun writer dedicated to the writing in Bunun language and indigenous cultural affairs. From the tribe of Namasia in the South to Taipei, the poet will talk about how poetry has become the totem of his soul.

As the spirit of the festival always shows, we celebrate the challenges in poetic forms, important issues in practice, and an imagination of inhabitation and immigration embodied by poets and their poems, as a response to the current global situation, while we also provide a series of seminars on related issues. In our Poetry Installations and Activities, we invite several poets from both Taiwan and Hong Kong for a poem relay, like the 10-hour passing of the literature flame featuring music, sound arts, and visual documentary to present a fascinating poetry performance and to demonstrate how poetry, as an endless spiritual resource, continue to light up the different realms in the art world.

The Russian poet Anna Akhmatova manifests in her poem that “For me a poem must be impromptu— Not a matter of tradition.” Suffering a dictatorial oppression, she wrote the greatest poems of her age with an influence spreading across generations. A poet observes one’s time, adventuring into the violent streams to extract the blackness and to search for the light. The message will be passed on till it reaches our minds.