Keynote Poet

(Photo by 林秀妹)


A heavyweight poet of the Bunun people. He was once the editor-inchief of the quarterly "Moon Talk under Formosa Palm," devoted to the research, promotion and writing of Bunun language. He is currently the chairman of the Taiwan Bunun Language Association. He has published a bilingual poetry collection "Formosa Palm, Moon Shadow, Sun, and Rotation - Echoes of Bukun in Mt. Jade."


【Keynote Poet Seminars】

Only Poetry Knows

|Sunday, Sep 25, 14:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature|

Bukun's motto is "A language without literature is dead." Bukun's poems are highly original, leading the rebirth of a Taiwanese indigenous cultural subject while cracking and extending the space of the Chinese language. In the lecture, we invite indigenous literature scholar Chen Chih-Fan and young indigenous poet Temu Suyan to discuss Bukun's creative journey and the prospect of indigenous literature.


Swirling in Shadow of Moon and Sun

|Sunday, Sep 25, 19:30 @ 2F, Kishu An Forest of Literature|

Real "poetry" is not just a literary genre but creativity itself, a genesis blending ideas and imagination. It has an origin (cultural tradition) and looks at a higher place (spiritual belief). It can never be summarized by art and skills of words. The best testimony comes from Bukun's poems in the Bunun language, which feature indigenous culture, lofty beliefs, vibrant ideas and imaginations. In the seminar, poetics scholar Huang Liang and indigenous activist Sayum Vurow are invited to discuss Bukun’s poems, reflect and set new values on cosmology, natural ecology, cultural values, language, spiritual structure, and human emotions in indigenous literature.